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I am interested in groups of people that are not always seen or heard


Nunes connects herself to underexposed narratives in society.

Anna Nunes (b. 1993, PT/ NL, based in the Netherlands) is interested in groups of people who are not always seen or heard. Her work involves long periods of research. For instance, for deepening her understanding on animism, project Sacred forests, she lived and worked for a year with the Fulani communities of the Boé region (Guinea-Bissau). In 2018 she was awarded for her research and collaboration with the Boé inhabitants by Wageningen University. Since 2023, Nunes has been focusing on a new project The Coloniality of Gender, in which she sheds light on the impact of the slavery past in gender inequality. The artistic project and the research it requires is made possible by the fund of Cultuurparticipatie.

The coloniality of gender

Sacred Forests