A sense of community

Uncovering a sense of belonging, community, beauty and joy.

The stillness in community life that COVID-19 has brought has made me long even more for colour, movement, groups of people, celebration and the intensity of life. This brings a shift in subject focus: from intimate portraits and daily interactions to groups of women during cultural and traditional activities.
The desire to focus on groups of women during their gatherings probably stems from the deep impact these women had on me: human beings who inspired me with their resilience and trust, their optimism and vulnerability, their love and joy. This, despite the challenges they face within their communities, such as female circumcision and forced marriage of young girls within the Fulani culture, the many miscarriages and the loss of children due to a lack of medical facilities.

The women's community brings connectedness and female power as a new theme in my work with a message that is especially relevant today, since we have become so distant from each other due to the covid emergency measures.
It is now, with distances and loneliness so overwhelming and the society in danger of falling apart, that I need to show unity and awaken a sense of community.
The fact that we have lost it does not mean that it no longer exists.